I don’t have a budget for books. Reading shouldn’t be a luxury. Whenever I’m interested in a book, I buy it. I’ve bought a lot of books since I started to read. In the beginning, I was only buying paperback books since it was cheaper, then when reading became a priority, I started buying hardcover books. It is more expensive than paperback, but it’s worth it.

If you still don’t read books, check my other post on why you should read books.

Amazon has different prices for each domain.

When you only look at one Amazon website. And I say one because Amazon has several domains, for example .CA for Canada and .co.uk for the UK.  You notice that each Amazon website has a different price for the same item. For the same book, you find on Amazon.fr; it has a different price on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

For instance, I randomly looked for the book “The Social Organism” by Oliver Luckett and as you can see below the prices are different. Both Amazon websites are European, one is German, the other one is French.  We’re not talking about a couple of dollars here. The difference for this book is 7,33€.

Amazon prices difference

Get your books for the best price.

Although I don’t have a budget, I like to have the best price. I started to look for a way to compare all the Amazon website, so I don’t have to spend my time comparing book prices. Finally, I came across a site that allows me to compare every Amazon domain and many other online bookstores! It’s BookFinder.com


This website allows me to compare any book, using the ISBN or title of a book with most major booksellers. I’d suggest searching using the ISBN since it’s the most accurate way to compare your book. As you can see in the picture above, Abebooks comes as the cheapest seller for this book (shipping included). Another website that has attractive prices for new books and that is not referenced on the website above is BookOutlet.com

Buy used books.

What’s great about BookFinder.com, is that it also compares used books. Used books are a great way to save some money. Sometimes the difference between a new and a used book is only $1-$2, but usually, there is at least $5-$10 difference. So it’s worth it! If you’re from the US, books are even cheaper for you! Thriftbooks often has the best price.

Besides saving you money, used books also have a lot of surprises to deliver. I frequently find messages inside used books that were addressed to the first owner. I love that.

Alibaba book read
“Dear Dick, Make the impossible possible.” Signed by the author 4.11.16

Sometimes I even find messages from the author itself with his signature. An example is this book:  “Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built.”

That’s something you can’t get when you buy a new book.

 You don’t read all the books you buy.

For too long I thought that I had to read every book I ordered as soon as I get them. Otherwise, why would I order them right?  I was wrong. I felt guilty for not reading books and still ordering new ones. I know many people feel guilty for the same reason. The truth is, books help you in different moments of your life for different problems you encounter. You need to have these books within reach. Let’s say you’re trying to improve your social skills; it’s good to find that you previously bought Dale Carnegie’s book on how to influence people. Buying some books and not reading them right away is, in fact, a good thing. It allows you to be prepared for coming challenges.

When you finish a book, you usually feel like you’ve learned a lot. You feel like you know everything. I do feel like that when I finish a book. But then when I see the books I still didn’t read, I understand that no matter how much I read, I’ll never know everything. I’ll be learning all my life, and that motivates me even more.

Lastly, when you always have books that you didn’t read. You don’t have an excuse anymore. It pushes you to read.

Don’t only read what everyone else is reading.

When I started to read, I only ordered books from the best-seller list on Amazon. I thought it was a great way to get the best books and not spend my money on useless books. I was doing it all wrong!  One day I read something from Noah Kagan who wrote:

“how are you going to win if you are reading what everybody else is?”

I never thought about this before. I was reading books that everyone else read! You don’t want to be like everyone else. You want to come up with different ideas. You want to think different so you can change things.  Since then, I often try to find great books that are not well known. I still read books that are suggested by Elon Musk or other smart people, but you can’t rely only on them to educate yourself.

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