“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”

Mario Andretti

It seems obvious. You need to execute at high speed to get noticed. Most of us focus on getting things done. But what’s the point of getting things done if you don’t do it fast?

We often fool ourselves thinking we are fast, but the reality is otherwise.

Take a minute to look at what you do. How fast are you?

Most of us are slow. We don’t do enough, we’re wasting time, yet we have big expectations.

I always thought I was fast. Yesterday I realized I couldn’t be slower than I am right now.

My excuse was that I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself. I took my time and waited to be « in the mood » to start a project. You can’t wait to be « in the mood » to work.

I used to overthink about what I’m going to do. That’s how at the end of the month I end up by getting much less done.

Doing is not enough. You need to be fast.

Quality work at speed.

Fast execution doesn’t mean you have to do a bad job. You still need to be great at what you do.

In fact, speed is critical if you’re looking for growth.

Don’t feel comfortable doing whatever you do only once a week.

Maybe you’re too focused on perfection, and you end up doing nothing. Do your best but don’t try to be perfect. Perfection is subjective.

There is no such thing as perfection. Perfection is the enemy of speed. It paralyses people. Give up on perfection; it’s not worth it.

Other people are looking to crush you, if you’re not taking action every day, you’re not going to last in the game.

Whatever it is that you do you must do it every day. Be consistent.

Write every day.

Design every day.

You must get your work out there every day or at least every week to get noticed. Get creative.

Try again.

Perseverance is also part of speed. You need to keep trying; there are so many ways to get to your goal.

You don’t know which way is going to get you there, so you must try again and again until you find the way that works for you.

You don’t have time to plan it. You have to take action.

Stop strategizing and overthinking. Jump into the pool and figure out later.

Try fast, fail fast.

Failing is not bad, it allows you to go faster. While the competition is still trying to figure out if they should do it or not, you already did it.

You might have failed or succeeded. But the fact that you did it fast put you ahead of the competition. You know the outcome, and you’re now free to try something else.

Try until it works.

Know your sh*t.

Being consistent and persevering is not enough. On top of that, you must be aware of your environment.

Know what’s going on in your field. You have to be knowledgeable.

This will allow you to react properly to anything; you don’t want to be the last one to know something in your particular business.

React and adapt to the environment.

Be keen.

Create momentum.

It’s not easy, it requires discipline and hard work, but you can create systems that help you reach rocket speed.

Set daily goals, determine what you’re going to do tomorrow. Create habits.

Before doing anything ask yourself, « is it going to help me move towards my goal? » If it’s not, move on to the next thing and don’t look behind.

Do whatever it takes to move towards your goal every day. Don’t stay still. Even getting one inch closer to your goal is better than being immobile.

Again, you must do every day to create momentum and achieve bigger things.

What I want you to do right now is set a challenge for yourself and achieve it. Whatever it is that you do, I want you to do more of it every day for the next 7 days.

This will help you build momentum, and after these 7 days, it will be easier for you to continue.

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