People like to say they have great ideas and they feel confident for the future. Like if everything went wrong, their ideas would save them. But what is an idea? An idea comes as a result of the knowledge, the people and the experience you’ve gathered. This is creativity. You must get creative to create unique ideas.

Everything we do or say is a reflection of something that we’ve heard or seen before.

You might think you’re creative, and you’ve got great ideas, but chances are that your creativity is sick. Everybody can create ideas that are worth nothing, ideas that you don’t even understand. They are not clear enough. What we want is a healthy creativity. One that will allow you to generate multiple ideas every day, ideas that you can describe in detail and apply to your business or life.

#1 First understand who you are.

Find yourself, know what you are interested in. What do you hate and what you love. What are you good at? Who are you? Don’t limit yourself to what you’ve been taught. People like to put everyone in boxes. They judge you regarding in which box you are and if you accept this, your ideas will be limited. Think outside the box. Think differently or ideas will be the same as everyone.

#2 Clear and reorganize your mind.

Take a moment to breathe and clear your mind. Some people may call this meditation, but not everyone meditates. Call it whatever you want, but the goal here is to clear your thoughts of all the negativity you have gathered. Reorganize what is important and throw away things that may harm your creativity. Things like negative people, negative thought, pessimism, and complaints. That limit or completely remove creativity from someone’s mind.

#3 Know where you’re going.

You must decide what your goals are. What are you trying to reach? Do you want to solve a problem, help people or something else? Now you must stick to your goals. You need to align your action to your goals. You know what you want, and you wake up every day with your goals in mind. Don’t doubt yourself; you’re ready for the next step.

#4 (Re)Build your creativity.

As I said before “An idea comes as a result of the knowledge, the people and the experience you’ve gathered.”

So now that your mind is clear, you know who you are and what you want. You must (Re)build the knowledge that will take you to your goal, find the people who share the same interest and who will lift you up and experience as much as possible. You cannot come up with healthy ideas if you’re around people that bring you down.

Educate yourself with books and people. Get some experience by being active, meet new people, travel and always move forward. Don’t be passive and selfless.

Everything that you’ll learn will be reflected in your ideas. This will determine how unique and different they are. So try to learn a little bit of everything instead of being a specialist in one area.

#5 You’re ready.

You’ve built your creativity, a healthy one. All you have to do is to come up with new ideas. They can come up anytime so try to write it down every time you have one. Try to work every day to generate at least 10 ideas. As James Altucher says, that’s how you become an idea machine. I develop this point in my post about his story.

If you ever get stuck and, you’re struggling to find ideas. Don’t fight it. Everyone get stuck. You must not stay in front of blank sheets of paper.

Work on something else and then come back to it later. The ideas should flow again.

Don’t forget that no matter how good is your idea; it isn’t worth a dime without execution. You have to take action and do it.

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