For a long time, I thought that most successful people were successful only because they had a degree from one of the top-ranking universities. So obviously that’s what I had to do.

I’ve always been looking to get into the best school. It was important for me. I literally thought that I would be a loser without a degree from a renowned university. I feel like an idiot when I think back on all that crap that teachers and adults used to teach me on getting successful.

Today I know it’s wrong. Of course, education is important. You must keep studying all your life. But this is not the subject of today, I’ve already written about this, you can find the post here.

If a degree doesn’t have anything to do with success. How do you succeed then?

I found out two characteristics that almost all successful people have.

This is what separates successful people from those who aren’t.

Two things I noticed, great ambition and perseverance. They are both critical to your success. The former create the mindset, the thinking that will let you envisage a successful future. You don’t limit yourself and you’re open to opportunities. The latter is the most difficult, it’s not quitting.

The right mindset

It might seem obvious but a lot of people lack positivity, they don’t mind being mediocre and they don’t think they are able to achieve big things.

People are full of pessimism.

Your reality is a reflection of what you believe in.

If you don’t believe in you, how do you want to achieve big things and be successful? You’ve already lost. You must think it’s possible.

Most people think it can’t happen to them. Hence their life is mediocre.

You can change this mindset now.

Be confident in your skills and don’t listen to others. People who failed and quit, don’t want you to succeed where they failed. They will tell you how they failed and try to convince you that it’s not possible for you to succeed.

You must be tough.

Think big.

Some people call them dreams, I prefer to call them ambitions. Dreams never happen, that’s why we call them dreams. Whereas ambitions are goals.

Fix your mindset.

Having great ambitions is far from enough to succeed. In fact, lots of people get to the end of their lives with regrets. Because they didn’t try. They didn’t believe they could do it. You don’t want this. Regrets are the worst thing you could have.

Dare to do.

Doing is the first step toward success.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas Edison

The power of perseverance

Perseverance is the second skills that I noticed every successful person have.

Notice that I didn’t say persistent. Persistent is doing the same thing over and over despite knowing that another option would be better to do.

Persistent people are stubborn. Mules are persistent.

What you want to do is persevere. This means never giving up and not being stubborn.

For instance, someone might tell everyone he is going to start a business but he will eventually learn something he didn’t know before and realize the business is not a good idea anymore. Yet, he will continue because he said so to everyone. That’s being persistent.

Whereas someone else would say too bad and try other business ideas until one of them work. That’s being perseverant.

The majority of people underestimate perseverance. Yet a river can cut through rock only because it keeps going and doesn’t quit.

But people get lazy and quit. This is where people find it too difficult and decide to choose mediocrity.

You must persevere. You know why? Because if you don’t quit, you’ll get to your goal one way or another.

Keep trying.

Say yes to every opportunity.

Break the pattern.

Try again.

If you don’t quit. I guarantee you will get to your goals. No doubts about it.

The saddest part is that too many people quit when success is just around the corner. They will never know what would have happened, had they continued on their way. They are left with regrets.

You will certainly fail but you’ll learn and no matter how hard it gets. If you decide not to quit you will achieve your goals.

You understand that it all comes down to the basics. It’s simple but difficult. 

People overthink and strategize. They don’t do. They quit. They complain.

Don’t be a quitter.


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